TTP Lab: Technology Transfer Program & Laboratory

TTP Lab stands for Innovation, Science and Technology Transfer in support of business competitiveness, growth and efficiency

Are you a medium enterprise, or an entrepreneur, or a businessman or businesswoman of a larger company?

TTP Lab can support you and your organization entering the virtuous cycle of innovation, technology selection and adoption, new business concepts testing and validation, assets and resources exploitation.


TTP Lab stands for business development, value creation and competitiveness through the leveraging, strengthening and positioning on the market of innovation capabilities, new ideas and intellectual capital.

Are you a research center, a university laboratory or an industry development center?
Are you a scientist, an engineer, an inventor?

TTP Lab can assist you in moving your ideas, inventions and business concepts out from the laboratory. We can advise in structuring and evaluating your assets, and we can coach you for improving marketability and exploitation plans..


TTP Lab stands for conscious technology ventures, reliable business potentials analysis and evaluation, innovations’ careful risk assessment and valuation.

Are you looking for in depth analysis of inventions / innovations exploitability and value, technology trends and technology changes risk assessments, business potentials investigations and planning?

TTP Lab provides competences, methodology, complementary resources to support your screening and selection processes.


TTP Lab stands for trust, integrity, social and environmental responsibility in working side to side with its partners and clients on flexible and efficient platforms, in a creative and collaborative atmosphere, toward an effective win-win situation.

Facilitating Innovation


Inventing & Investing

TTP Lab is proud to be an independent entity that builds its image on the reputation
and through the successes and achievements of its partners and clients.