The concept

TTP Lab operates like a “business innovation agent” or “business innovation angel”.

With this concept, we at TTP Lab share with our clients, partners, and associates the effort toward a successful convergence of

technology and innovation potentials

TTP Lab promotes and supports strategies directed to the innovation of products,processesservices, acting as supplier or broker of new and existing knowledge and technologies.

TTP Lab conducts exploratory searches,selections and analyses of licensable innovative technologies, e.g. made available by universities, research centers, laboratories, third parties or collaborators., for transferring to enterprises and investors.

TTP Lab deploys its competences in technology due diligenceinnovation analysis and intellectual property evaluation.

business strategy and value creation

TTP Lab supports and assists investors, venture capitalists, enterprises, research centers in discovering and unlocking the value of the intangible assets.

TTP Lab with its competences in intangible assets evaluation and valuationmarketing of technology,innovation managementstrategic and business planning assists its clients walking together with them through the path of business development and value creation.

TTP Lab acts as a business partner or mentorsupplying strategic,managerial and economic competences.


TTP Lab provides Business-  and Innovation-oriented services

Technology  & Innovation

• Technology/ Innovation Sourcing and Management

• Technology/ Innovation Evaluation and Due Diligence

• State of the Art and Prior Art Search. Technology/ Innovation Audit

• Intangible Assets/ Intellectual Property Strategy and Management

• Technology change and research projects evaluation and enhancement of exploitation potentials


Business & Investment

• Tailored Technology and Innovation Strategies in several business contexts

• Intangible Assets Valuation

• Intangible Assets and Intellectual Property Assets Optimization and Value improvement

• Intangible Assets portfolio creation according to business strategy

• Supporting, strengthening innovation capacities within enterprises to make innovation an enduring capability

• Assisting business development: management support and mentoring