Consultancy & Advisory

Our Consultancy and Advisory activities include specific services like intellectual property valuation, company audit/ check-up, technology trends or state-of-the-art reports, prior art searches… which respond to a punctual and specific need or request of our clients or partners.

Our services comprises:

  • Exploratory search, selection & analysis of licensable innovative technologies, e.g. made available by universities, research laboratories, third parties/ collaborators…, for transferring to enterprises, also to Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs), and to investors;
  • Investigation/ Audit, analysis and evaluation of SMEs’ needs in order to explore, search, select and eventually plan tailored “injections” of technologies and/or innovation;
  • Valuation of innovations and/or intangible assets, and analysis of commercial potentials/ marketability (e.g. reporting on intangible assets, Intellectual Property Rights transactions, etc.);
  • Exploration & analysis of patenting opportunities: state-of-the-art searches, patentability opinions…
  • Intellectual Property tactics and strategy for optimal Intellectual Property management and value extraction;
  • Support/ assistance for buying/ selling/ licensing Intellectual Property Rights;
  • Management and marketing support in several specific/ specialized technical fields.


Feel free to submit your case for a preliminary opinion: We will treat it with the maximum confidentiality and we will make an estimate in line with your needs and requests.