Works List

  • Tagliacarne Institute/ Italian Ministry of University & Research, MIUR.

    DIRCE Project (“Diffusione dell’Innovazione e della Ricerca per la Competitività Economica”/ Diffusion of innovation and research for economic competitiveness). South Italian regions.

    Published report: “The innovation dynamics of south Italian SMEs in the sectors -Informatics/ ICT, Electronics, Electic- Oprtical Equipment-: results from the DIRCE’s Project”.

    Analysis and Evaluation of the data and results collected through the SME’s scientific-/ technological-/ economic audits, conducted in the Southern regions of Italy in the field of Informatics/ ICT, Electronics and Electrical and/or Optical equipment – including market and trend data analysis.

    Working group: G. Tagliacarne Institute and TTP Lab ltd.


  • Tagliacarne Institute/ Italian Ministry of University & Research, MIUR.

    DIRCE Project (“Diffusione dell’Innovazione e della Ricerca per la Competitività Economica”/ Diffusion of innovation and research for economic competitiveness). South Italian regions.

    Specific support actions addressing the needs of SMEs in electro-medical and software development field, for the assessment, evaluation and protection strategies of their intellectual property. Actions derived as follow-on of scientific-/ technological-/ economic audits, realized within the same project.


  • For a private financial/ investing company, technical and economic analysis of a prototype and pilot plant for municipal solid waste treatment, testing and investigating the potential for pyrolysis.


  • For a private financial/ investing company, technical and economic analysis of a prototype “chemicals sniffer“, developed for high risk/ high security applications.


  • Technical University of Milan, – Politecnico. Milan, Italy.

    Project for developing a framework of methods and parameters grids to value patents,patented technologies and technological assets, and to analyze patent strategy.


  • For a Small Italian Enterprise in the Software application integration, product/ business potential explorative research in support of market penetration in new geographic areas/ new customer segments.


  • Italian Ministry of Productive Activities/ Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM): Member of the Commission for Establishing Patent value in a Business Context.


  • Presentation: “Intellectual Property between Strategy and Valuation”. WIPO-ITALY International symposium on Intellectual Property & the competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the textile and clothing sectors, organized by the Ministry of Productive Activities of Italy – UIBM (Italian Patent and Trademark Office), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the Institute for Industrial Promotion (IPI) of Italy. Caserta (Italy): Nov.30 – Dec.1.


  • European Commission, FP6. Expert. Brussels, Belgium.

    Research projects evaluation. IST call 5: ICT for Networked Businesses. Presented paper: Chiesa V., Gilardoni E., Giordani S., “A scoring method for valuing the technological assets“. The R&D Management Conference 2005. Pisa, Italy, 6-8 July.


  • Participation to the EU tender 2005/ S 121-118814: “Study on Monitoring and analysis of technology transfer and intellectual property regimes and their use“.
  • Tagliacarne Institute/ Italian Ministry of University & Research, MIUR.

    Consultants for the DIRCE Project, (“Diffusione dell’Innovazione e della Ricerca per la Competitività Economica”/ Diffusion of innovation and research for economic competitiveness).South Italian regions.

    SME’s scientific-/ technological-/ economic audits. Naples, Caserta, Catania, Avellino. Italy.

    Fields: Electro-medical devices; Electronics & Printed Circuit Boards manufacturing; Energy and Generators; Safety and Fire –Fighting/ -Prevention Systems; Safety – Security – Access control system; Cold metalworking; E-government Software; E-learning Software/ Platform/ System; ICT; Wireless Telecom & M-commerce; Web-Automation; Vertical solution for e-business; Horizontal solutions for GIS/ CAD/ DBMS.


  • FORGITAL ItalySpa, Valuation and re-evaluation of equipments and industrial plant/ facilities.

    FORGITAL Italy is the leading company in the Forgital® Group, carrying on the over one hundred years old tradition of manufacturing, heat-treating and machining hot-rolled rings made of steel and other alloys. The factory and administration offices are in Italy, at Seghe di Velo d’Astico in the province of Vicenza.

    Manufacturing of hot-rolled rolled rings without welding made of steel and nickel, aluminum, titanium and copper alloys for use in all areas of the engineering industry the mechanical industry and aerospace.


  • SURAL, Taranto, ItalyValuation and re-evaluation of equipments and industrial plant/ facilities.

    Sural S.p.A. is a high quality producer of continuously cast and rolled aluminium rod. Them modern state of the art rolling mill allows Sural S.p.A. to produce electrical conductors and electrical and mechanical grade alloys in the plant of Taranto.

    Aluminum and Al Processing Technology for electrical and mechanical applications.


  • Technical University of Milan, – Politecnico, Dpt. of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering / Lombardy Region. Milan, Milan-area, Italy.

    Advisory activities for SMEs for preliminary/ explorative analysis to stimulate/ capture innovative trends in the light of improving enterprise competitiveness and Intellectual Property strategy. Preliminary/ explorative examinations on the opportunity to patent/ protect Intellectual Property. Sectors: ICT, TLC; Mechanics-Aluminum products; Textile; Kitchen furniture.


  • For a German SME, explorative evaluation of their products for new applications, alternative market segments penetration potentials in the field of Embedded Smart Tagging, Smart Labeling, Anti-counterfeiting.

    European Commission, FP6. Expert. Brussels, Belgium.

    Research projects evaluation. Joint Call «IST, Information Society Technologies – NMP, Nanotechnologies and nanosciences, knowledge-based multifunctional materials, and new production processes and devices», “Materials, Equipment and Process for Production of Nano-Photonic and Nano-electronic Devices”.


  • Participation to the EU tender 2004/ S 125-105318: ” Study on evaluating the Knowledge Economy – What are patents actually worth? – The value of patents for today’s economy and society“.
  • For an Italian SME, patent family valuation, know-how and business analysis about a system – process and device – for tab water treatment and purification.


  • University of Trento, Department of Physics. Italy.

    Strategic and exploratory state-of-the-art search to evaluate their invention/ engineering solution. Advisory and support activities in drafting licensing agreements, and patent valuation.

    Field: Metal coating for high temperature- high mechanical stress applications.


  • TTP Lab internal project-study.

    Concept defining, project planning and feasibility study for the development and design of a LED technology application for emergency lights on vehicles and road security systems.


  • Business Plan evaluation for private financing/ investment.

    Topic: Hydrogen storage innovative technologies for implementing the realization and reliable utilization at domestic and local level of small plants for the co-generation of electricity and heat, using hydrogen fuel cells.


  • For a private client, international patent application analysis and evaluation, including: Prior-Art Search, State-of-the-Art report, strategies and commercial hypotheses report.

    Field: Electronic theft protection system for optical read disks.


  • For a private client, international patent application evaluation, in the light of patent licensing/ selling.

    Field: Cardboard pallet-like container.


  • For a private investor, business and product analysis for Laser Diode Modules.


  • For a manufacturing Italian SME, business and product explorative evaluation for commercial/ investing perspectives. Subj.: New SUV model and concept.
  • MBA In-company Project at the European Patent Office and Rotterdam School of Management:User Community’s Segmentation in Patenting Procedures. Confidential. Rotterdam School of Management, Rotterdam and European Patent Office, The Hague. The Netherlands.Theory and empirical study and analysis of procedures, internal procedures, work flow and workload management. Re-organization and management of change.

    A stakeholder analysis has been derived from the data and the results collected or retrieved, and it has been then incorporated in a cause-effect model, identified in a Balanced Scorecard strategic map, appositely designed and developed.


  • Exploiting Strategic Investments as Real Options, MBA Project. The value of patents when considering them as Real Options. ” Patents, Intellectual Property & Real Options: Guidelines to apply Real Option thinking For Patent Offices and Corporate Patent Departments“.


  • Management Science MBA Assignment. “Inventive Capital & Patent Portfolio. How do we rank Innovation and Intellectual Property? With the Data Envelopment Analysis to explore the frontier of the intellectual asset of the semiconductor industry“.


  • Managerial Economics/ New Institutional Economics MBA Assignment. “Reforming the Patent System: When Innovations Become a Commodity“.