The company

TTP Lab is a technology transfer and consulting initiative and brand. Officially established in 2005, it enjoyed an early start in 2003, when the “TTP Lab concept” was launched and tested by the founders Sara Giordani and Carlo Mantiero.

TTP Lab offers operational and strategic support to activities related to technology transfers and innovation, with a special focus on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), providing services and assistance especially designed for them.

TTP Lab relies on the competencies and expertises of the founders and their associates for the technical and economical analysis (Technological Auditing, Business Analysis, Due Diligence, Valuation) of innovative and/or hi-tech business projects to be offered to institutional investors.

TTP Lab is also well connected with an efficient and effective network of collaborators; established relationships with Italian and foreign Universities, Research Centres, Trade Associations and Professional firms; good contacts with Italian and international organizations.

In brief, with its multidisciplinary team, TTP Lab:

  • Assist and support the screening, auditing and evaluating of the projects, adopting a sequenced, reiterated analysis and progressively more sophisticated screening, mapping & review to look at different aspects of the projects and their interrelations, namely product(s), technical and technological content(s), relevance, human resource(s) and competencies, intellectual asset, market potentials and readiness, product life cycle, commercial and growth perspectives…
  • Assist, monitor and consult during the different phases of the project development and implementation (concept review and re-assessment, technical milestones, prototyping, business strategy, marketing…)

TTP Lab’s projects portfolio comprises and is built of ventures in different phases of investments, from seed to expansion and subsequent stages.

We are currently dealing with activities and initiatives in different industrial sectors. Among others: Textile; Security & Anti-Counterfeit; Road Safety & Smart Traffic; Lighting, Innovative signals and indications;Renewable energy; Innovative materials for building and construction, Smart Building…