University of  Trento


Located in Trento, Italy, with 7 Faculties, 13 Research Departments, 12 Research Centres and Institutes hosted at the University and about 520 teachers and researchers, the University of Trento is small but of recognized high quality in Italy and abroad.

The University of Trento (UNITN),, comprises seven faculties (27 degree courses, 27 specialist degree courses and 6 masters), – among them the faculties of Law, Science, Engineering, Business Management and Human & Social Science and the corresponding affiliated departments – and 50 Laboratories. With more than 14.000 students enrolled in 2004, 517 faculties members and 620 administrative and technical staff, UNITN has rapidly grown in the 40 years of her life reaching high quality standards both in training and research.

In spite of its small size, UNITN has been recognized for the high quality of its teaching and research in Italy and abroad, and also scored in a national evaluation performed yearly by CENSIS (Centre for Social Studies and Policies) among the top five universities, with all faculties scored among the top three, namely for the quality of education, research and international relationships.TTP Lab has established a systematic collaboration with the University and its Technology Transfer Office. We share with the involved staff at the University the effort toward creating a “development engine”, designed to interact with other parties and entities in order to foster and promote the progress of knowledge, science and economy.


Rotterdam Valley

TTP Lab is one of the founding partners of the Rotterdam Valley, a network organization, which consists of independent companies, sharing their knowledge and experience to better serve their individual customers.

Rotterdam Valley gives the individual companies competitive scale and the opportunity to leverage the resources of the network partners. For customers it means tapping into a huge knowledge base provided by different network partners.


Informium AG

A new dimension in product protection

A growing number of enterprises want to improve the protection of their products. And also consumers have acquired a new awareness – product security and authenticity are increasingly experienced as quality feature.

Informium products take these developments into account – a revolutionary system of markers and codes is provided at reasonable costs.

Both manufacturers and consumers profit from the ‘added value’ product security, as this opens new possibilities with respect to:

  • Protection against product counterfeiting;
  • Product warranty;
  • Product liability;
  • Certification;
  • License protection.

Informium marks products with information which allows a clear identification, like manufacturer’s indications, serial numbers, production and expiration date.


ETA, Renewable Energies

ETA operates in the development, application and implementation of Renewable Energy systems.ETA has built up a sound and wide-ranging experience in the RE sector.