At TTP Lab, we offer operational and strategic support to activities related to technology transfers and innovation.

TTP Lab’s competences and expertise span over a wide range of fields and disciplines:

  • Technology Transfer, Research & Development, Engineering
  • Economic Analysis, Valuation, Risk Assessment
  • Intangibles, Intellectual Property, Licensing
  • Management, Business Planning and Development, Alliances

Thanks to this synergic mix of competences and expertise, TTP Lab operates like a “business innovation agent” or “business innovation angel”.

TTP Lab’s solutions portfolio had been designed to respond to the different needs and expectations of our clients and our stakeholders.

Our Consultancy and Advisory activities include specific services like intellectual property valuation, company audit/ check-up, technology trends or state-of-the-art reports, prior art searches… which respond to a punctual and specific need or request of our clients or partners.

Our Enterprise System Solutions comprise services or service packages, which are arranged ad hoc to respond to multifaceted situations or to a broad range of challenges or to issues, which are typically wide in scope and impact.

For instance we design and provide ad hoc change technology programs – from the explorative phase up to implementation and exploitation, – or, we perform intangible asset evaluation – from innovative ideas to protected and valuable intellectual property assets up to ad hoc marketing and commercialization plans.

Our Technology Transfer Solutions have been developed in order to respond to the needs of an extended customer base that includes industries, enterprises, technology transfer offices, universities, research centers, science and technology parks, governmental agencies and bodies, etc.

We assist enterprises in their licensing activities – in and out, – and/ or in their evaluations and exploitation plans for their industrial and intellectual property.

We support universities and research centers in building and structuring their technology transfer offices and we guide them through scouting and deal making.

Our Projects include technology-based joint ventures; in-house sponsored research and development activities; minority shares in start-ups, spin-offs and ventures; participation in publicly or privately funded projects related to our field of activities; etc.

Our Programs encompass long term project portfolios, collaboration plans and agreements, long term partnerships, sponsored research or technology development programs with very high potential impact on society and environment.

In all its activities, at different levels, TTP Lab shares with its clients, partners, and associates both the risks and the rewards.

We know that to better serve our clients in supporting them with the challenges posed by technology change, innovation and intellectual property management, we need to innovate and renew ourselves continuously.

Therefore, in order to respond to your requests and meet your needs according to the best value for money, in order to be always ready to offer the highest standard in terms of flexibly, professional assistance and quality, we regularly update and review our portfolio of services, contacts and competences.