The founders

Ms. Sara Giordani, MBA

Born in 1970 in Italy, her career started in 1994, right after her Master of Science in Physics (“Laurea”) at the University of Trento, as young researcher at the INFM (National Institute for the Physics of Matter) Research Unit at the Department of Physics of theUniversity of Science of Trento.

In 1995 and for more than five years, Sara worked with Applied Materials, leader supplier of semiconductor equipments and technology, as Customer and Process Engineer for Italian and European customers, looking after the set-up, definition and negotiation of process/ equipment specifications, development and application of production processes; process transfer from laboratory to R&D-, pilot- and production-lines.

In 2000 she left the industry to work at the European Patent Office as patent examiner and strategic planning assistant of the Principal Director. At the same time she studies for an MBA, at the same time, to study for an MBA at the Rotterdam School of Management/ Erasmus University, where Sara completed the program with excellent results in 2002.

In 2003 she returned to Italy to start her own business as Independent Consultant, joining Carlo’s office in Vicenza to build further on the “TTP Lab concept”.

Since 2003, Sara is a listed technology and business expert for the European Commission and the Italian Chamber of Commerce. In Italy she works as advisor and Technical/ Business Expert of the Judges for the Italian Courts – in particular for those sections specialized in Intellectual and Industrial Property.


Mr. Carlo Mantiero

Born in 1949 in Italy, Carlo graduated as Chemical Engineer (“Laurea”) from the University of Padua in 1976.

His professional experience developed in two directions: On the one side the traditional engineering activities related to industrial and environmental projects, building and constructions; on the other side activities related with economic and juridical aspects of industrial business and enterprise creation projects.

Carlo worked as consultant for Italian banks of primary importance, auditing business plans and proposals for industrial credit, evaluating risk profile and feasibility of investments for innovation technology projects in Small and Medium Enterprises requesting to the Italian government funding and financial aids.

Since 1978 Carlo is listed as Chartered Engineer with the “Ordine degli Ingegneri di Vicenza”.

Since several years Carlo is a technical expert and advisor of Judges for Civil and Criminal Italian Courts, following also investigations in the field of financial frauds.

In 2003 he welcomed Sara in his office premises in Vicenza, looking forward to making the “TTP Lab concept” a true and enduring reality.