About us

TTP Lab is a technology transfer and consulting company. Officially established in 2005, it enjoyed an early start in 2003, when the “TTP Lab concept” was launched and tested by the founders Sara Giordani and Carlo Mantiero.

“When we decided on the TTP Lab concept, Sara was still living in The Netherlands and Carlo was running his office in Vicenza, in Italy. In June 2003, when Sara joined the office in Vicenza, the professional firm was simply a «one-man & one-woman» business: In few months with our own surprise the TTP Lab concept was quickly turning into jobs and appointments, which in those times were still based on individual consultancies for institutions, universities, entrepreneurs, governmental organisations…”

Since the very beginning, TTP Lab offers operational and strategic support to activities related to technology transfers and innovation.

“In choosing Vicenza, Italy, as TTP Lab’s headquarter, we are at the heart of the «industrial district of the North-East», a privileged observatory of emerging opportunities and needs, where carefully screening innovative technologies, evaluating new and existing business concepts, keeping an eye open on the challenges posed by the European enlargements and the growth of countries like China and India.

With TTP Lab we keep on maintaining a special focus on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and provide services and assistance especially designed for them: our competences and expertise are constantly converted into services that meet real needs and encounter or even exceed our customers’ expectations.”